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The Positive Politics Newsletter is a better way to consume the news that matters. The mainstream political news outlets are trying to get your attention by making everything an outrage and pitting “liberals” against “conservatives.” This is bad for democracy and bad for you because they are essentially taking you down a primrose path. If you are a CNN fan, remember how you thought Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in for the presidency in 2016? Or how it all seemed like the Mueller investigation and Trump’s impeachment were finally going to get the job done? Or, if you are a Fox fan, remember how you felt finding out that Trump actually lost?

In the Positive Politics Newsletter, I’m not trying to get your attention by talking about libtards and tea baggers. I will not be trying to spin the facts and confuse you to support one side or the other. Believe me, both Fox and CNN and their ilk are.

This will be about honestly laying out the issues of the day in a way you can understand what your position is and how to take appropriate action. Whether you are for a certain policy or against it, you will be informed and not operating is some mainstream-media induced delusion.

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More about Me

I’m not an expert on politics, just someone who likes to talk with people and search for the truth. I am a professor of organizational systems and social systems design, so I tend to look at social phenomena as a system. I strive to be rational, objective, fair, and open to discussion.

My profession is organizational change consulting. For more on that, see my book Generating Change and the empowerbase.com website.

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Doug Walton
Writer & innovator on personal, organizational, and social transformation in a digital world. Change consultant, systems thinker & data scientist.